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Axis Mundi is Upscale and Uplifting. Named after the Mythological Connection between the Heavens and the Earth, notes of Virginia Cedar, Amber, Musk, and Sandalwood combine to create a surprisingly bright scent with hints of Woodiness. A Favorite and Always In Demand!


This Unisex, Innovative Scent evokes Innocence Evolved. A Complex Blend of Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Violet, Geranium, Guaiac Wood, Pink Peppercorn, Lavender and Cardamom notes create a unique scented Duality that is both Refreshing and Warm. A Sophisticated accord that is Sweet and Citrusy while also Sexy and Sensual.

Inspired by a favorite cult classic character because "You're so cool…"


Escape the everyday with this Unexpected combination of Coconut and Fossilized Amber that will Surprise and Refresh you. Reminiscent of a Secluded Beach surrounded by Dense Woods, you may need to Shake the Sand out of your shoes after Strolling Through this Scent Accord!


This scent creates a feeling of Serenity and Mindfulness, perfect for Meditation, Study Sessions, or just Relaxing in Your Own Space! Cannabis provides the Soothing note that Balances out the Melon’s Sweetness making way for Musk, Cedar, and Agar Wood. A Heady mix for those who want More than just the typical scent!


Drift away on notes of Vanilla Sugar, Jasmine, and Orchid as they meld beautifully with the Cedar Wood base. Warm and Inviting, this scent will envelop you and Set Your Senses Free!


Impossible to keep a secret! This Intriguing blend of Dark Rose surrounded by spices of Black Pepper and Cinnamon wrapped up in Rich Labdanum is Oh So Luxurious. Beguiling and Sexy, this scent is Sure to Please! 



Evoking the aromas of a Warm Bubble Bath, notes of Soap Bubbles, Rose Essence, White Musk, and Coconut Milk blend together to make this accord. Immerse your senses and Relax with the Clean and Refreshing Scent! 


A Lush and Luxurious Gourmand blend with notes of Mouth Watering Black Cherry Liqueur and Almond mixed with hints of Turkish Rose, Jasmine Flowers, and Sambac. You will be Blown Away With Delight by this Complex Cherry Almond accord!


Fresh out of the Barbershop Chair! Notes of Basil and White Musk are brought together with Black Pepper to create an aroma that's Clean and Crisp. Rosemary also adds its own Uniqueness for a Woodsy finish induced by Lavender!


Tennis anyone? Notes of Perfectly Manicured Lawns mixed with Grapefruit, Linden Blossoms, Ivy leaves, Vetiver, and Fresh Tennis Balls create this Playful accord that must be experienced. This scent will Win You Over: Game, Set, Match!


Don’t be afraid; Jump In! This blend is a riptide of the senses! Enjoy the scent of Endless Summer with Coconut Water Accord, Crushed Seashells, Oceanic Mist and Vanilla Orchids blended with Tonka Beans and Driftwood notes. Experience a Quintessential Beach Scent - no sunscreen required!


A Tantalizing Aromatic Treat of Orange Blossoms and Vanilla Marshmallow Cream elevated by an Amber base. This Clever mix includes notes of Neroli, Orange Blossom, Pepper, Jasmine, Caramelized Sugarcane, Vanilla, and Amber that will not disappoint. Deliciously Seductive and full of Refined Sweetness!